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 4th Croatian Betta World Show iz Zagreb Croatia (03.09.2016)

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BeitragThema: 4th Croatian Betta World Show iz Zagreb Croatia (03.09.2016)   Fr 1 Jul 2016 - 10:49

The Croatian “Betta World” Club proudly invites you to the 4th Croatian Betta World Show!

The Show will be held from September 2nd to September 3rd, 2016, but will be open to the general public only on September 3rd, 2016.

The Show will take place in Zagreb at the “Banquet Hall” of Hotel I, which is located at the following address:

Hotel I
Ulica Ive Robića 2
10000 Zagreb

Please note that the Club reserved several rooms directly at the venue of the show. So, in case you would be interested in staying directly at that Hotel, please contact us through our e-mail address:

Registration for the show will open on the July 1, 2016 and will close on August 29, 2016 at the latest. Please note that the registration might be closed earlier if all 350 available boxes are filled.

The preliminary Show schedule is the following (subject to changes):

September 1st, 2016
09:00 – 18:00 – benching of fish

September 2nd, 2016
09:00 – (16:00) – judging of Betta
(16:00) – 18:00 – labeling of fish that are for sale

September 3rd, 2016
09:00 – 18:00 – show open to general public
13:00 – auction of Bettas (after auction direct sale of remaining Bettas)
19:00 – award ceremony during separate dinner event

Each Breeder may currently register a maximum of 15 Bettas. However, the Club reserves the right to adjust this number depending on the number of registered breeders.

The registration fees:
IBC members: 3 € / fish
Non IBC members: 4,5 € / fish
Members of the Betta World Club have 1 € discount on these prices.

In case you will not be able to deliver your fish personally to the show (and pick them up again), please note that several delivery options would be available. Therefore, please get in touch with us via e-mail ( in order to clarify the best option for you.

The folowing documents can be found on links listed bellow

The Show Rules

The Registration Form

The IBC Show Class List for Area 2 (Europe)

For further details about our show and useful information for participants and visitors, please visit:

International section of our Betta World forum

Facebook event¬if_id=1467292871460354

Great thanks to:
- Visarute Angkatavanich for this incredible photo of a red VeilTail male betta! Be sure to visit her photo site:
- Ksenija Mijoković for the remarkable poster design (for more information on Ksenijas work and art visit: )
- Ocean Nutrition & FishBox for sponsoring this event

Please bookmark these dates in your calendars to join our show!!!

Sincerely yours,
Betta World Team
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BeitragThema: Re: 4th Croatian Betta World Show iz Zagreb Croatia (03.09.2016)   Mi 27 Jul 2016 - 12:54

Möchte hiermit mal alle Interessenten nochmals daran erinnern, dass die Registrierung für unsere Betta Welt Show in Zagreb begonnen hat!!!

Daher möchte ich alle Züchter herzlichst nochmals einladen uns Eure Registration Forms an unsere Email zu schicken. Falls ihr die genauen Details zu Euren Fischen noch nicht kennt, wird es reichen mal die Anzahl der Fische zu nennen die Ihr registrieren wollt.

Falls Ihr noch Fragen habt wie Ihr an der Show in Zagreb teilnehmen könnt, bitte ein Email an unsere oben genannte Email schicken.

Freuen uns auf eine rege Teilnahme und hoffen viele von Euch in Zagreb begrüßen zu dürfen.


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BeitragThema: Re: 4th Croatian Betta World Show iz Zagreb Croatia (03.09.2016)   Do 6 Okt 2016 - 17:54

Und hier nun der Nachbericht von unserer Show in Zagreb.

4th Croatian Betta World Show had 220 Show Bettas by 20 breeders from 8 countries: Austria (2x), Bulgaria (1x), Croatia (4x), Czech Republic (4x), Germany (2x), Netherland (3x), Romania (3x) and Slovenia (1x).

Before we continue with the results and photos, we want to thank our IBC Judging Team: Head Judge Jamie King (Australia/Czech Republic), Judges Josip Kevari (Austria), Aurelia Ogles (USA) and Paul Ogles (USA) and Apprentice Judges Liviu Dumitrescu (Romania), Kristian Draganović (Croatia) and Andrej Tihomirović (Croatia) for outstanding support and contribution to our 4th Croatian Betta World Show.

We want to thank also to all breeders which sent their Bettas to our Show!

General sponsors of the 4th Croatian Betta World Show were Ocean Nutrition&FishBox.

Sponsor of the emersed plants was Hortilab.

Last but not least, we especially would like to mention all the members of Betta World Team and of course our dear guests and friends who did a great job and supported us all the time! Thanks again for your help!

Zagreb, Croatia - September 2016

PDF file for download:

Congratulations to all the winners! :palacgore:

Sincerely yours,
Betta World Team
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BeitragThema: Re: 4th Croatian Betta World Show iz Zagreb Croatia (03.09.2016)   Do 6 Okt 2016 - 17:55

The fishes were photographed in their show tanks at the show by Kristian Draganović

A1+A3+A6 1. Mihai-Gigi Sirbu

A1+A3+A6 2. Josef Kanok

A1+A3+A6 3. Nermin Huremović

A4 1. Andrej Tihomirović BOV BOS

A4 2. Andrej Tihomirović RBOV

A4 3. David Hejl

A7 1. Pavel Jicha BOV

A7 2. Ines Borgolte RBOV

A7 3. Andrej Tihomirović

V1a 1. Liviu Dumitrescu BOV

V1a 2. Liviu Dumitrescu

V1a 3. Liviu Dumitrescu

V1b 1. Joep van Esch RBOV

V1b 2. Pavel Jicha

V1b 3. Pavel Jicha

V2 1. Liviu Dumitrescu BOV

V2 2. Liviu Dumitrescu

V2 3. Andrej Tihomirović

B1 1. Lucie Cermakova RBOV

B1 2. Josef Kanok

B1 3. Andrej Tihomirović

B2 1. Andrej Tihomirović BOV

B3 1. Joep van Esch BOV

B3 2. Andrej Tihomirović RBOV

C2 1. Liviu Dumitrescu BOV

C2 2. Liviu Dumitrescu RBOV

C2 3. Antonio Cesarec

C3a 1. Andrej Tihomirović

C3a 2. Andrej Tihomirović

C3a 3. Andrej Tihomirović

C3b 1. Antonio Cesarec BOV

C3b 2. Liviu Dumitrescu RBOV

C3b 3. Antonio Cesarec

D1 1. Josip Kevari

D1 2. Mihai-Gigi Sirbu

D1 3. Josip Kevari

D2 1. Kristian Draganović

D2 2. Mihai-Gigi Sirbu

D3 1. Mihai-Gigi Sirbu

D3 2. Mihai-Gigi Sirbu

D3 3. Nermin Huremović

D4 1. Josip Kevari

D4 2. Josip Kevari

D4 3. Andrej Tihomirović

D5 1. Josip Kevari

D5 2. Josip Kevari

D5 3. Josip Kevari

D6 1. Kristian Draganović

D6 2. Michel Stokkelaar

D6 3. David Hejl

D7 1. Josip Kevari

D7 2. Andrej Tihomirović

D7 3. Kristian Draganović

D8a 1. Ines Borgolte BOV RBOS

D8a 2. Eugenio Fornasiero

D8A 3. Ines Borgolte

D8b 1. Kristian Draganović RBOV

D8b 2. Liviu Dumitrescu

D8b 3. Kristian Draganović

D9 1. Arie de Koning RBOV RBOS

D9 2. Josip Kevari

D9 3. Ines Borgolte

D10 1. Josip Kevari BOV BOS

D10 2. Josip Kevari

D10 3. Josip Kevari

D11+D12a 1. Ines Borgolte

D11+D12a 2. Kristian Draganović

D11+D12a 3. Mihai-Gigi Sirbu

D12b 1. Ines Borgolte

D12b 2. Kristian Draganović

D12b 3. Kristian Draganović

D13 1. Josip Kevari

D13 2. Kristian Draganović

D13 3. Antonio Cesarec

E1 1. Andrej Tihomirović CTDT

E3 1. Josip Kevari

E3 2. Pavel Jicha

E3 3. Josip Kevari

E4 1. Ines Borgolte

E4 2. Gerald Fritz

E4 3. Eugenio Fornasiero

E5 Pairs 1. Nermin Huremović

E5 Pairs 2. Kristian Draganović

E5 Pairs 3. Josip Kevari

NB1 1. Dubravko Kovar RBOS

NB1 2. Dubravko Kovar

NB2 1. Dubravko Kovar BOS

NB2 2. Dubravko Kovar

NB2 3. Dubravko Kovar

NB4 1. Alexandru Robert Mihalcea

NB4 2. Georgi Vlahkinov

NB4 3. Alexandru Robert Mihalcea

NB5 1. Dubravko Kovar

NB5 2. Georgi Vlahkinov

NB6 1. Dubravko Kovar

NB6 2. Dubravko Kovar

NB6 3. Dubravko Kovar

NB7a 1. Georgi Vlahkinov RBOS

NB7a 2. Dubravko Kovar

NB7a 3. Georgi Vlahkinov

NB7b 1. Dubravko Kovar BOS

NB7b 2. Dubravko Kovar

NB7b 3. Dubravko Kovar

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BeitragThema: Re: 4th Croatian Betta World Show iz Zagreb Croatia (03.09.2016)   

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4th Croatian Betta World Show iz Zagreb Croatia (03.09.2016)
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